Voltage Coffe House

Opened in April of 2018 after many years of planning and remodeling, Voltage Coffee House is located in what was the original Carpenter's Union Hall, built in 1938 to serve the construction of Grand Coulee Dam. You will notice both historic photos and local art on the walls. Owner Solveig Chaffee scoured the contents of the building to re-purpose as much of the original materials as possible. In doing so, she carried forward her eco-conscious mindset that is apparent in all areas of her business. From using corn-based products to replace plastic for to-go packaging, fiber and paper containers and sending materials to support the local senior center in their recycling program, she strives to reduce the impact of packaging waste. She looks forward to finding more ways to be environmentally-friendly as her business grows.

The Chaffees moved to Grand Coulee in 2004. As their family grew and Solveig became more involved in the community, her passions for coffee and food, combined with a love for remodeling gave birth to the idea of a place to gather with friends. She wanted to fill a niche in the town, but that came with a realization that she needed to be flexible to fit the needs of the community, as well as those passing through. While she had never run a business before; with a lot of community support and help from family, friends and neighbors, Voltage Coffee House became a reality.

Solveig, her husband and 3 children enjoy all of the outdoor recreational opportunities the area has to offer: boating, fishing, hiking, along with gardening and reading.